Warning Lights


We have all seen them, and probably panic a little when one comes on. Check engine, brakes, traction control, tire pressure, gears, triangles, lightning bolts…and the list goes on. Each year vehicles become more complicated, have more on-board computers and have an array of warning lights or messages that can tell us when a system is malfunctioning. This is all good for your safety and to let you know of impeding problems, but that does not make It any easier for you when one comes on.

Not to worry. Not only can we tell you what the light is for, but we have all the necessary equipment, knowledge and technology to properly diagnose those pending problems and get you an estimate of what is needed for repairs. Whether is as simple as putting some air in your tires to complicated engine diagnosis, we have the trained technicians and equipment to make any needed repairs to keep those pesky light off