Engine Services



Yes, we can do Tune-ups…well, kind of. The phrase “Tune-up” dates back to Henry Ford and his first automobile prototype. The engine ignition coils made a buzzing sound as they worked. When the coils were adjusted properly they all buzzed at the same frequency and were ‘in tune’, and as they say, the rest is history. The phrase stuck and is commonly used today. Although this term meant a lot of different things throughout the years, todays modern cars require very little pertaining to a ‘tune-up’.

Following your vehicle manufactures regular maintenance schedule will keep you up to date on any tune-up related services. The most common replacement part is the spark plugs, which may be required anywhere between 30,000 to 120,000 miles.

If your vehicle is running poorly or not as it used to be it would be best to have that specific issue diagnosed as it may or may not be tune up related.

At American Imports we have the diagnostic equipment to tackle any tune-up related issues, whether it’s poor running, poor gas mileage, warning lights or it’s just time to replace some worn out parts for maintenance we can handle the job!

Check Engine Lights

We have all seen it and probably shudder a little when that check engine light comes on. As today’s cars are increasingly getting more complicated the reality is that most of the systems on your vehicle are controlled by a computer of some sort. With literally thousands of potential system failures it can be daunting as a vehicle owner. Not to worry! At American Imports we have the diagnostic equipment and the trained staff to accurately and efficiently diagnose those failures.

Our technicians will connect our diagnostic computer to your cars computer and identify the system that has the problem. From there we can extract saved data, watch live data streams, live lab scope forms, preform function tests and do pinpoint testing of the components in that system. Once we have the failed component identified we will give you a written estimate for any needed repairs.

After repairs we will verify that the effected system is functioning properly, clear all stored data, reset the computer and clear the check engine light.

Timing Belts

Your vehicle’s engine has a lot of moving parts to make it work. There are pistons, valves, camshafts, crankshafts and a slew of other parts spinning or moving in perfect harmony to keep your car rocking down the road.

One of these parts is called a Timing Chain or Timing Belt. Its job is to keep the moving parts on the top half of your engine in perfect sync with the moving parts on the bottom half of your engine, or to keep the moving parts ‘In Time’.  If your engine has a Timing Belt and it breaks, the moving parts can contact each other and cause serious engine damage.

Your vehicles manufacture will have a schedule to replace this belt at a certain mileage interval. If you’re not sure about this give us a call and we can figure it out for you. Along with that there are other components you might want to consider replacing when doing this job, like the water pump or the accessory drive belts to save you money down the road. Either way we have qualified technicians that can perform this service and keep your engine running at its best.


Although it is not uncommon to see an engine last for more than 300,000 miles there are times when it may not be running at its best. Whether it is a runability issue or there is something mechanically wrong with the engine, we have the trained staff and equipment to make any needed repairs. From any engine part replacement, internal or external, to a full engine rebuild or exchange our ASE trained technicians have the know how to get the job done.