Wednesday-24 October

How to get the best gas mileage?

This is a question I’ve had quite a few people ask me over the years, and more so when the gas prices start to escalate. The first thing I’ll say is your car or truck will not vary much from the original mpg (miles per gallon) that it was originally rated for when ...

Thursday-27 September

Does my car really need all this work?

You take your car in for an oil change and all of a sudden, here comes the service adviser or quick lube tech, waving the repair order with the most worried look on his face; “Mr/Mrs Jones, we found some things wrong with your car…” and you think to yourself “here we go again!” ...

Wednesday-08 August

Gas Line Antifreeze

I was walking through a home improvement store, and was reminded that winter is upon us, when I saw an entire shelf dedicated to gas line antifreeze. Commonly called Heet, you can put this product in your vehicles gas tank and it Is supposed to keep your gas lines from freezing when the temperatures drop ...