What it is about

In selected counties in Wisconsin every vehicle 1996 and newer needs to meet emissions requirements. These are Federally mandated systems monitored on your vehicle according to the Federal Clean Air Act. This testing is usually required every two years, or when you buy a used vehicle. This is as simple as finding a testing facility close to you, and it usually takes less than 10 minutes to have your vehicle tested. The most common type of failures is that your check engine light is on or it did not pass the testing monitors.

The check engine light process is explained in our ‘warning light’ section here but let’s talk a little about the testing monitors. Every time you drive your vehicle the engine management computer is testing many systems on your vehicle whether you know it or not. Some of these systems are for emissions related items and once the test is run the computer gives it a pass or fail status. If a system fails too many times in a row the check engine light will illuminate, but even though the check engine light is off a testing monitor can still have a fail status, usually after a repair has been done.

State Certified Repair Facility

American Imports is a Wisconsin state certified emissions repair facility, so we can handle any of your emissions repair requirements. Although we do not do the actual testing here we can make sure your emissions system is working properly and your vehicle is ready to pass the test.