Drive Train


Axles and Driveshafts

Your engine makes the power and your transmission choses your gears, but the parts that put the power to your wheels are the axles and driveshafts. These items, if faulty, can cause vibrations and noises and should be inspected periodically. We can perform services from axle boot replacement, driveshaft u-joints, wheel bearing installation or any other associated parts.

4 Wheel Drive Systems

On some cars and most SUV’s the drive train has the capability to send power to all four wheels. On bigger trucks this can be selected manually, but on most vehicles this is done automatically as needed. 4-wheel drive systems on modern vehicles can be complicated and are controlled by the vehicles on board computers. At American Imports we have all the necessary diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose and repair any 4-wheel drive issues. From electrical to any physical parts or fluid replacements we can keep your 4-wheel drive system working at top performance.