Our History

American Imports was founded on the vision to do automotive repair a different way, we wanted to offer some good old fashion customer service! We believed if we treated people right, with honesty and integrity we would succeed. So, in 1998 we opened our doors as American Imports Inc.

Our motto is “automotive repair by people who care”, and we stand behind this. We understand automotive repair is daunting for some people, and for others it is a necessary evil. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who enjoyed spending money on repairs or maintenance on their vehicle, but to maintain your investment it needs to be done.

Here at American Imports we focus on a few concepts to help ease the pain in getting your vehicle repaired. Education, Honesty, Priority and Efficiency.

Education.  Most of the time when people are upset with an automotive repair facility is because they don’t understand, or feel they are being taken advantage of. Even though vehicles can be very complicated we take the time to make sure you’re in agreement with what needs to be done. We will explain things in customer ease, and take the time to answer all your questions. We want you to be comfortable with what we are doing and why.

Honesty.  There is no better way to develop trust and a relationship with a customer, or friend than to be honest. We would have it no other way! We will give you the facts and our honest opinion based from many years of experience.

Priority. Not all repairs are code Red! We understand the money tree is not always full, and although repairs and maintenance should be done we want to work within your budget as well. We will present them to you in order of importance and let you know what is critical and what is not.

Efficiency.  Time is money, as the old saying goes. One of the hardest things to do is to get someone’s vehicle for the day. Your vehicle is such an integral part of your life it’s hard to let it go, even for a short time. We understand this and always strive to get your repairs done right the first time, on time. We will work with your schedule and agreed upon timelines to be as efficient as possible, and offer a comfortable waiting room or loaner cars for extended repairs.

A lot has happened since 1998. We quickly outgrew our original facility and in 2009 built a 7,800 square feet facility in Menomonee Falls. We packed it with state of the art equipment, staffed it with qualified technicians and service advisors and our goal is, as always, to be the best repair shop around. Automotive repair by people who care. How cool is that.

Jeff and Cindy Jans