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"I work next door, but even if I didn't I would drive all the way from Racine to have Jeff fix my car"
John Y. - Racine, WI

I have found American Imports to have trustworthy workmanship with impeccable customer service.

Aaron C. - Germantown, WI

"Peace of mind" & "Car repairs" doesn't seem to belong together in the same sentence, but since I have been taking my car to American Imports I have nothing but peace of mind with my car repairs. Jeff and his team are honest, friendly, and really care about providing you with accurate & fair car repairs. They answer my questions and prioritize the repairs I need, always putting safety first. Never pushy and always looking to make sure you are happy with the work. I would not hessitate to recommend them to anyone; & I have.

Doug F. - Waukesha, WI

I can't wait to see the new building. Jeff, you and your crew earned my trust over 7 years ago with your outstanding customer service. Not to mention the fine work and truly fair prices. I wish I had someone like American Imports in Madison. Good luck!

Michael S. - Madison, WI

I have not felt this GOOD dealing with an automobile repair shop since.... NEVER!!! This little repair shop is the best I have dealt with. From the first call until picking up the vehicle, the experience was perfect. As it turned out, we only needed an alignment and did not have to replace the struts as another repair shop had said saving us quite a bit of money. Jeff and Brad, Thank You!!

Jose R. - Waukesha, WI

My wife took our minivan to the local dealership for service. The dealers service area said that some work costing $400+ was needed to fix and issue. We were skeptical, so we took the van to American Imports to get a second opinion. American Imports said that while some work was needed to fix the stated problem, their diagnosis was different and was going to cost under $300! My wife then took the vehicle back to the dealer. The service manager agreed with American Imports' assessment of the situation and he said he would discuss the case with his service people. Score one for American Imports!

Tom K.- Waukesha, WI

Jeff, I didn't get a chance to drive the truck too far, but I could immediately tell the difference when I pulled onto County Line Rd. Nice work. The steering wheel is nice and straight and the front end feels tight, like it did when it was new. I appreciate your honesty and thoroughness. Oddly enough, I expected it. You cannot be a successful business man today without those qualities.

Mike D. - Menomonee Falls, WI

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